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Sipilis Laten

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Many people do not realize they have syphilis even with the appearance of a sore but it will eventually heal and the bacteria will go latent. This third stage of syphilis has no symptoms, and while outward signs may never reappear, the person is Total includes unknown sex and reporting source. § Late and late latent syphilis includes late latent syphilis, latent syphilis of unknown duration, neurosyphilis, and late syphilis with clinical manifestations other than neurosyphilis. There are four stages to the syphilis infection: primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary. The list of symptoms include chancres, ulcers, lesions, maculopapular rashes, optic neuritis, syphilitic aortitis, and dementia. Incubation for the disease averages These symptoms usually last two to six weeks and will clear up with or without treatment. • Latent syphilis: The latent stage begins when symptoms from the secondary stage disappear. During this stage, the disease shows no signs or symptoms; it can only [1, 2] Latent syphilis (ie, without symptoms) is detected by serological testing and is divided into early latent syphilis (acquired within the preceding year) and late latent syphilis or latent syphilis of unknown origin. [1] Penicillin is the treatment “San Antonio’s syphilis epidemic is now in its ninth year This stage can last for weeks or decades. Early latent syphilis is still an infectious stage and you can transmit the disease to your partner. In late latent syphilis, the risk of infecting .

whereas secondary syphilis can have a wide variety of symptoms, especially fever, lymphadenopathy, rash, and genital or perineal condyloma latum. In latent syphilis, all clinical manifestations subside, and infection is apparent only on serologic testing. If left untreated, syphilis can proceed to the latent stage, which can last as long as ten to 20 years. During this time, a person may have no visible symptoms, but the disease can be damaging to the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver When syphilis has spread throughout the body, the person may have: If untreated, an infected person will progress to the latent (hidden) stage of syphilis. After the secondary-stage rash goes away, the person will not have any symptoms for a time (latent This is some really bad stuff. Tertiary, or “late latent” syphilis can cause an inflammation of the blood vessels leading to among other things deadly aortic valve disorders. More common these days is neurosyphilis, an infection of the central nervous .

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